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(This page is mostly for students on single or dual honours mathematics degrees. There is a separate page for engineering students.)

Hicks Student Support

Support for students of the School of Mathematics and Statistics (and the Department of Physics and Astronomy) is provided via Hicks Student Support in room G12. The office is open 09.30-16.30, Monday to Friday, although course work can be submitted at any time (provided that the building is open to students) via the drop box located on the corridor outside. Note that course work must be accompanied by a valid cover sheet (see below). You can contact us You should contact Hicks Student Support if you have any teaching related questions. It is also where you should
  • collect and submit special circumstances forms,
  • collect and submit change of status forms,
  • collect a copy of your timetable.
All course work must have the relevant cover sheet attached. You can obtain a cover sheet for a specific assignment from this link (you will need to use your MUSE login details):

Assignment Cover Sheets

Print out the cover sheet and attach this to the front of your work. Cover sheets are available a week before the submission date and work can be submitted at any time via the drop box outside G12. Please note that cover sheets are specific to a given item of course work and student. If you get a friend to print out a cover sheet your marks may not be credited to you.

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