Erasmus Exchanges for Sheffield Students

This page is for students based in Sheffield. Students from elsewhere who would like to come to Sheffield should click here for more information.

If you are a Sheffield student taking the four-year MMath degree then it is possible to spend either one or two semesters of your third year abroad at one of our European partner institutions (provided you have adequate knowledge of the language). This is as part of the ERASMUS Programme. The Erasmus part of the programme covers student exchanges (EuRopean Action Scheme for Mobility of University Students). This exchange scheme only covers study at one of our partner universities in Europe. (If you are interested in spending a year abroad in Australia, Canada or the USA then click here for some more information.)

Under the Erasmus scheme you can only go abroad during year three of the four-year MMath programme (not if you are taking any of our dual degrees) and you may only go to one of our partner universities with whom we have bilateral exchange agreements. This ensures that details such as tuition fees and additional grants are handled under funded EU programmes.

Further queries can be resolved by contacting Dr Tobias Berger