Sheffield has a proud tradition of research and teaching in statistics (and probability), dating back to the early 1950s under Geoffrey Jowett and Hilda Davies. In 1965 Professor Joe Gani was appointed as the first professor and head of the new Department of Probability and Statistics which separated from the Mathematics Departments. He established an MSc course and PhD programme which have now developed into two MSc courses and a large PhD group covering a wide range of areas including many joint projects with other university departments.

Our research interests include: experimental design; genetic epidemiology; nonparametric regression; medical statistics and surveillance methods; theory and applications of Bayesian statistics, with particular interests in archaeology, ecology, health economics, time series analysis, prior elicitation, and analysing uncertainty in complex computer models. Linked with the group is the Statistical Services Unit, which provides a comprehensive range of services to industry, commerce and the public services, including consultancy, courses and the development of computer software.

Applications to study for a PhD are welcome at any time. Please click on the staff member links to find out about the research interests of potential supervisors.


Academic staff
Name Office Phone Email VCard  
Prof Paul Blackwell I7 23719 vcard Bayesian statistics; inference for random processes; statistical ecology; environmental and archaeological applications
Prof Caitlin Buck I23 23715 vcard Applications of Bayesian statistics to archaeology, palaeo-environmental science and scientific dating methods
Dr Nic Freeman I20 23724 vcard Probability, stochastic processes, random geometry, fractals, population genetics
Dr Jill Johnson I11 vcard Uncertainty quantification for computer models; Surrogate modelling (emulation); Model-observation comparison (history matching).
Dr Miguel Juarez I.13 23908 vcard Bayesian hierarchical models, panel and longitudinal data, SR imagining, augmented clinical trials
Prof Jeremy Oakley I16 23853 vcard Bayesian statistics; eliciting probability distributions; health economics; uncertainty quantification for complex computer models
Dr Eleanor Stillman I17 23811 vcard Application of statistics to geology and materials science
Dr Kostas Triantafyllopoulos I10 23741 vcard Bayesian analysis of time series
Dr Kevin Walters I22a 23720 vcard Genetic epidemiology and statistical genetics

Research associates
Name Office Phone Email VCard  
Dr Dimitrios Kiagias G39b vcard

Postgraduate students
Name Office Phone Email VCard  
Eloise Bray   vcard
Mr Jeremy Colman   vcard
Mrs Yeny Franty I6b vcard
Adam Gothorp G36 vcard
Dominic Grainger   vcard
Bryony Moody I06b vcard Bayesian statistics, statistical applications in archaeology
Valentine Nlebedim H10a vcard Bayesian Statistics, statistical applications in biology and computational biology
James Salsbury   vcard Experimental Design, Assurance methods for Clinical Trials, Adaptive Clinical Trials
Mr Ben Wigley D15, Minalloy House vcard

Statistical Services Unit
Name Office Phone Email VCard  
Dr Amy Spencer K06 23913 vcard Biomedical Science

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