The University of Sheffield
School of Mathematics and Statistics (SoMaS)


Sheffield has a proud tradition of research and teaching in statistics (and probability), dating back to the early 1950s under Geoffrey Jowett and Hilda Davies. In 1965 Professor Joe Gani was appointed as the first professor and head of the new Department of Probability and Statistics which separated from the Mathematics Departments. He established an MSc course and PhD programme which have now developed into three MSc courses and a large PhD group covering a wide range of areas including many joint projects with other university departments. The group has a seminar series (joint with probability) with external invited speakers, and regular informal research meetings, led by members of the group.

Linked with the group is the Statistical Services Unit, which provides a comprehensive range of services to industry, commerce and the public services, including consultancy, courses and the development of computer software.

Research in statistics includes: experimental design; genetic epidemiology; nonparametric regression; medical statistics and surveillance methods; theory and applications of Bayesian statistics, with particular interests in archaeology, ecology, health economics, time series analysis, prior elicitation, and analysing uncertainty in complex computer models.


Academic staff
Name Office Phone Email VCard  
Prof Paul Blackwell I7 23719 vcard Bayesian statistics; inference for random processes; statistical ecology; environmental and archaeological applications
Prof Caitlin Buck I23 23715 vcard Application of Bayesian statistics to archaeology, palaeo-environmental science and scientific dating methods
Prof Chris Cannings K08 23904 vcard evolutionary conflicts, random graphs, stochastic processes, mathematical genetics
Dr Timothy Heaton I.22 23830 vcard Non-parametric regression and functional data
Dr Miguel Juarez I.13 23908 vcard Gene regulatory networks, panel and longitudinal data, reference priors
Dr Jeremy Oakley I18 23853 vcard Bayesian statistics; eliciting probability distributions; medical statistics; health economics; quantifying uncertainty in complex computer models
Dr Eleanor Stillman I17 23811 vcard Application of statistics to geology and materials science
Dr Kostas Triantafyllopoulos I10 23741 vcard Bayesian analysis of time series
Dr Kevin Walters I22a 23720 vcard Genetic epidemiology and statistical genetics

Emeritus professors
Name Office Phone Email VCard  
Prof Clive Anderson     vcard Statistical and probabilistic modelling and inference

Research associates
Name Office Phone Email VCard  
Dr Mu Niu I.06b 23854 vcard

Postgraduate students
Name Office Phone Email VCard  
Mr Ziyad Alhussain J25 23767 vcard Eliciting prior distributions
Ms Fatimah Aloef J25 23767 vcard Bayesian experimental design with applications in health economics
Ms Amy Baddeley G27a 23726 vcard Medical statistics, in particular genetic epidemiology
Miss Elizabeth Boggis G27a 23726 vcard Exploiting Bayesian Shrinkage within a Linear Model Framework to identify Exome Sequence Variants associated with Gene Expression.
Miss Sujunya Boonpradit I6c 23702 vcard
Mr Seung Jin Han I6c 23702 vcard Time series and statistical arbitrage
Masoud Hassan I.06a 23884 vcard
Dler Kadir I.06b 23854 vcard
Dler Khidhr I.06b 23854 vcard
Martin Legarreta Gonzalez I6c 23702 vcard
Miss Stephanie Llewelyn I6C 23702 vcard
Mrs Siti Rahayu Mohd Hashim I6a 23884 vcard
Ms Sawaporn Siripanthana I6c 23702 vcard Multivariate statistical methods for outbreak detection in public health surveillance
Mr Michael Spence J25 23767 vcard
Mr Suliadi Sufahani G36 23743 vcard
Mr Samuel Touchard J25   vcard
Jian Wang J25 23767 vcard
Mr Joseph Wheatley I.06a 23884 vcard

Visiting researchers
Name Office Phone Email VCard  
Dr Qiming Lv     vcard

Current grants