Mathematical Biology

The Mathematical Biology Group uses a wide range of mathematical and statistical approaches to study questions in biology and medicine. Members of the group collaborate widely both within the University of Sheffield and further afield, through joint supervision of PhD students and postdoctoral researchers, and through membership of interdisciplinary research centres. Weekly group meetings bring together members of the group based in SoMaS with students and postdocs associated with the group but based in other departments.

See the Mathematical Biology home page for further details.

Current research interests include
  • Animal movement and biological invasions
  • Dynamics of genetic regulatory networks
  • Dynamics of infectious diseases
  • Genetic epidemiology and statistical genetics
  • Mechanisms of evolution and development
  • Pattern formation in plant and animal development
  • Statistical ecology

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Academic staff
Name Office Phone Email VCard  
Dr Alex Best G27b 23749 vcard Mathematical biology; Evolutionary dynamics; Population dynamics
Prof Paul Blackwell I7 23719 vcard Bayesian statistics; inference for random processes; statistical ecology; environmental and archaeological applications
Prof Chris Cannings K08 23904 vcard evolutionary conflicts, random graphs, stochastic processes, mathematical genetics
Dr Alexander Fletcher G15 vcard Mathematical biology, morphogenesis, tissue dynamics
Dr Miguel Juarez I.13 23908 vcard Gene regulatory networks, panel and longitudinal data, reference priors
Dr Eun-Jin Kim H13 23876 vcard Solar/stellar physics, magnetically confined fusion plasmas, fluid dynamics, turbulence, self-organisation, intermittency
Prof Nick Monk I.16 23857 vcard Mathematical biology; regulatory networks; pattern formation.
Dr Jonathan Potts G27c vcard Mathematical ecology; Animal movement; Biological invasions
Dr Kevin Walters I22a 23720 vcard Genetic epidemiology and statistical genetics

Postgraduate students
Name Office Phone Email VCard  
Mr Jan Erik Hallman I6a vcard
Dler Khidhr I.06b 23854 vcard
Mr Ben McGovern I06c 23702 vcard Mathematical Biology
Ms Alison Parton I06C vcard Statistical Ecology
Jaspreet Toor I6a 23712 vcard Mathematical Biology
Mr Lu Xiao I6a 23884 vcard Mathematical Biology

Past grants