Algebraic Geometry

The group members have a variety of interests including combinatorial algebraic geometry, moduli spaces, derived categories, enumerative invariants, mirror symmetry and cluster varieties.

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Academic staff
Name Office Phone Email VCard  
Prof Vladimir Bavula J15 23829 vcard Non-commutative ring theory, D-modules, automorphisms
Prof Tom Bridgeland FRS J18B 23747 vcard Algebraic geometry and mirror symmetry
Dr Paul Johnson J6b 23775 vcard Algebraic Geometry, Combinatorics
Dr Evgeny Shinder J24 23753 vcard Algebraic Geometry

Research associates
Name Office Phone Email VCard  
Dr Dylan Allegretti K16 23766 vcard Mathematical physics
Dr Anna Barbieri K16 23766 vcard
Dr Barbara Bolognese K16 23766 vcard
Dr Sven Meinhardt K24 23727 vcard Algebraic Geometry, Mathematical Physics

Postgraduate students
Name Office Phone Email VCard  
Caitlin McAuley J14b vcard Algebraic geometry
Eoin Murphy J14b vcard Hall algebras
Nebojsa Pavic J25 vcard Derived categories & K-Theory in Algebraic geometry
Edward Pearce J14b vcard Algebraic Geometry

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