Staff Research Interests

Name Research interests
Prof Clive Anderson (Emeritus) Statistical and probabilistic modelling and inference
Prof David Applebaum (Emeritus) Analytic probability; probability and stochastic processes on abstract structures; stochastic analysis
Dr Bodan Arsovski
Prof Graham Bailey (Honorary) Solar Terrestrial Physics, Computational and Engineering Mathematics
Dr Istvan Ballai Solar plasma physics, linear and nonlinear waves
Prof Vladimir Bavula Non-commutative ring theory, D-modules, automorphisms
Dr Tobias Berger Cohomology of arithmetic groups, automorphic forms, Galois representations, Bloch-Kato conjecture
Dr Alex Best Mathematical biology; Evolutionary dynamics; Population dynamics
Prof Paul Blackwell Bayesian statistics; inference for random processes; statistical ecology; environmental and archaeological applications
Prof Tom Bridgeland Algebraic geometry and mirror symmetry
Dr Andrea Brini
Prof Caitlin Buck Applications of Bayesian statistics to archaeology, palaeo-environmental science and scientific dating methods
Dr Buddhapriya Chakrabarti
Prof Nigel Clarke
Dr Ananyo Dan
Dr Sam Dolan General relativity, black hole physics and gravitational wave astronomy
Prof Neil Dummigan Number theory, arithmetic geometry, automorphic forms
Dr Nadir Fasola
Dr Alexander Fletcher Mathematical biology, morphogenesis, tissue dynamics
Dr Nic Freeman Probability, stochastic processes, random geometry, fractals, population genetics
Dr Valeria Giunta
Prof Simon Goodwin
Dr Rhoda Hawkins
Dr Timothy Heaton Non-parametric regression and functional data
Prof Vivian Hutson (Honorary)
Dr Rekha Jain Solar physics, Helioseismology, Astrophysical MHD
Dr Frazer Jarvis Algebraic number theory, Galois representations
Dr Jill Johnson
Dr Paul Johnson Algebraic Geometry, Combinatorics
Dr Jonathan Jordan Random graphs; preferential attachment; reinforced processes; fractals
Dr Miguel Juarez Bayesian hierarchical models, panel and longitudinal data, SR imagining, augmented clinical trials
Dr Moty Katzman Commutative algebra
Dr Dimitrios Kiagias
Prof Pieter Kok
Dr Robert Kurinczuk
Dr Yi Li Fluid dynamics. Fluid flow optimization. Turbulence. Wind energy
Prof Robert Loynes (Emeritus) Linear and non-linear model building; time series
Dr Jayanta Manoharmayum Algebraic number theory, the absolute Galois group of Q
Dr Cristina Manolache
Dr Paul Mitchener $C^\ast$-categories, Analytic and algebraic $K$-theory, Assembly maps, Coarse Geometry
Prof Ieke Moerdijk Algebraic and differential topology, category theory
Dr Nils Mole Turbulent diffusion
Prof Nick Monk Mathematical biology; regulatory networks; pattern formation.
Dr Nikita Nikolaev Holomorphic geometry and algebraic analysis of singular perturbation theory
Prof Anthony O'Hagan (Emeritus) Theory and applications of Bayesian statistics
Prof Jeremy Oakley Bayesian statistics; eliciting probability distributions; health economics; uncertainty quantification for complex computer models
Prof Koji Ohkitani (Honorary) Computational Fluid Dynamics
Dr Kento Osuga
Prof Christopher Outhwaite (Honorary) Charged liquids
Dr Jonathan Potts Mathematical ecology; Animal movement; Spatial population dynamics; Biological invasions
Prof Shaun Quegan Earth's carbon balance, ecosystem modelling, forest observations from space
Dr Julia Rees Microfluidics, Microbubble technology, Engineering fluid dynamics, Stratified flows
Prof Michael Ruderman Hydrodynamics and magnetohydrodynamics. Waves and instablities. Applications to solar and space physics.
Dr Haluk Sengun Algebraic number theory, automorphic forms, Galois representations
Prof Rodney Sharp (Emeritus) Commutative algebra
Dr Evgeny Shinder Algebraic Geometry
Dr Robin Nicholas Stephenson
Dr Eleanor Stillman Application of statistics to geology and materials science
Prof Neil Strickland Algebraic topology, formal group theory
Dr Kostas Triantafyllopoulos Bayesian analysis of time series
Prof Carsten van de Bruck Cosmology
Dr Gary Verth Mathematical modelling of plasma processes, e.g., with application to the Sun's atmosphere.
Prof Robert von Fay-Siebenburgen Solar, space and plasma physics, MHD waves, linear and non-linear waves
Dr Kevin Walters Genetic epidemiology and statistical genetics
Dr Roger Webster (Honorary)
Prof Sarah Whitehouse Algebraic topology
Dr Simon Willerton quantum topology, algebraic topology, category theory, metric spaces
Dr Ashley Willis Fluid dynamics, Magnetohydrodynamics (MHD)
Prof Elizabeth Winstanley Black holes, general relativity, quantum field theory in curved space-time
Prof Lucy Wyatt (Emeritus) HF Radar oceanography, ocean surface waves
Prof Alan Zinober (Emeritus) Nonlinear control, optimisation