MAS406 Mathematics and Statistics Project

Both semesters, 2018/19 30 Credits
Lecturer: Dr Tobias Berger
Aims Assessment

The student selects a project topic offered by a member of staff and writes a project on this under the supervision of the member of staff.

Corequisites: MAS400 (Project Presentation in Mathematics and Statistics)

The following modules have this module as a prerequisite:

MAS400Project Presentation in Mathematics and Statistics


  • to give students experience of, and training in, research and presentation of an advanced mathematical topic
  • to support the development of independent study skills
  • to support the acquisition of communication and presentation skills
  • to provide an introduction to the research experience
  • to give the opportunity to study a specialist topic of attraction to the student

No lectures, no tutorials


30-40 page dissertation [90%]. Oral presentation [10%].