MAS406 Mathematics and Statistics Project

Both semesters, 2021/22 30 Credits
Lecturer: Dr Tobias Berger
Aims Outcomes Assessment

The student selects a project topic offered by a member of staff and writes a project on this under the supervision of the member of staff.

Corequisites: MAS400 (Project Presentation in Mathematics and Statistics)

The following modules have this module as a prerequisite:

MAS400Project Presentation in Mathematics and Statistics


  • to give students experience of, and training in, research and presentation of an advanced mathematical topic
  • to support the development of independent study skills
  • to support the acquisition of communication and presentation skills
  • to provide an introduction to the research experience
  • to give the opportunity to study a specialist topic of attraction to the student

Learning outcomes

“By the end of the unit, a candidate will be able to demonstrate the ability to, the capability for...” 1) specialist knowledge of an advanced topic in Mathematics or Statistics, 2) enhanced ability to research an advanced topic in Mathematics or Statistics, 3) enhanced ability to present an accurate and coherent report on a topic in Mathematics or Statistics, 4) general presentational skills including correct usage of language and grammar, 5) ability to use library and internet resources effectively, 6) skill in using appropriate packages for the presentation of mathematics.

No lectures, no tutorials


30-40 page dissertation [90%]. Oral presentation [10%].