MAS286 Mathematics and Statistics in Action

Semester 2, 2021/22 10 Credits
Lecturer: Dr Istvan Ballai Timetable
Aims Outcomes Assessment Full Syllabus

This module will demonstrate, in a series of case studies, the use of applied mathematics, probability and statistics in solving a variety of real-world problems. The module will illustrate the process of mathematical and statistical modelling, whereby real-world questions are translated to mathematical and/or statistical questions. Students will see how techniques learned earlier in their degree, as well as simple computer programming, can be used to explore these problems. There will be a mix of individual and group projects, and some projects will involve the use of R or Python, but MAS115 is not a prerequisite.

Prerequisites: MAS113 (Introduction to Probability and Statistics)
No other modules have this module as a prerequisite.


  1. develop students’ appreciation of the role of mathematics and statistics in tackling real-world problems;
  2. develop students’ report-writing and team-working skills;
  3. develop students’ skills in using R and Python for implementing mathematical and statistical methods;
  4. consolidate understanding and further appreciate applications of key mathematical and statistical concepts met in level 1.

Learning outcomes

  1. apply suitable mathematical and/or statistical techniques in the case study scenarios;
  2. present a formal analysis in a written report;
  3. work effectively in small teams;
  4. use appropriate software tools in the support of mathematical and statistical methods.

20 lectures, no tutorials


Four written assignments, no exam.

Full syllabus

  1. Drug dosages and pharmaco-kinetics
  2. Statistical ecology - how many animals are there?
  3. Applications of branching processes
  4. Waves in channels