This page gives information about the BSc programme in Financial Mathematics taught jointly with the Nanjing University of Technology. There are more details in the NJTech handbook (download from the current students pages).

Mathematics plays a pivotal in the financial service industry and, as a result, there is a sizeable and growing demand from financial institutions for people with appropriate technical skills and with an understanding of the relevant mathematics. This programme, which is a joint degree programme between Nanjing University of Technology (NJTech) and the University of Sheffield (UoS), is designed to produce graduates with a suitable mathematical and financial background. In addition to gaining substantial mathematical skills, learning at the University of Sheffield will help students to improve their English, as well as gaining an understanding of the types of teaching methods that are used in the UK.

During the first three years, students will study core mathematics and management modules at NJTech in China, taught by both staff from NJTech and UoS. In the fourth year, students will study English, management and mathematics in Sheffield.

The coordinator for this programme is Prof Neil Strickland. The tutor is Dr Tobias Berger.

The following modules will be taught in Nanjing by staff from Sheffield:
MAS190 Introduction to Probability and Statistics 1 (NJTech) Dr Jonathan Potts
MAS191 Introduction to Probability and Statistics 2 (NJTech) Dr Eun-jin Kim
MAS192 Differential and Difference Equations (NJTech) Dr Istvan Ballai
MAS290 Methods  for  Differential Equations (NJTech) Prof Neil Strickland
MAS291 Statistics Core (NJTech) Dr Keith Harris
MAS292 Continuity and Integration (NJTech)
MAS3090 Operations Research (NJTech) Dr Yi Li 2018-09-10 to
MAS294 Statistical Reasoning (NJTech) Dr Miguel Juarez 2018-10-08 to
MAS293 Statistical Modelling (NJTech) Dr Keith Harris 2018-11-12 to
MAS3091 Financial Mathematics (NJTech) Dr Moty Katzman 2019-03-18 to
MAS295 Vector Spaces (NJTech) Dr Fionntan Roukema 2019-04-08 to
MAS296 Fourier Theory (NJTech) Dr Fionntan Roukema 2019-04-15 to

Students from Nanjing will come to Sheffield for the last year of ther degree. They will take an English language course in the summer, and then take modules in mathematics and management as described in the NJTech Handbook (download from the current students pages). Information about mathematics modules can also be found on the current students pages.