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Outreach and Schools Liaison

We believe that public understanding and appreciation of science is very important.

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George Nelson
Scientist, Astronaut, Educator

Maths on Youtube

Click below to see 10-minute lectures on various subjects in maths for A-level students or first year undergraduates delivered by the "The Mathsters" (aka Dr Eugenia Cheng).

The Mathsters (aka Dr Eugenia Cheng)

Maths Academy

The School of Mathematics and Statistics is launching a programme to stretch and challenge talented local A-level mathematics students. The pilot is currently underway with All Saints School. Participants get a head-start with university courses while still taking A-levels.

FunMaths activities

The FunMaths Roadshow is a collection of fun mathematical activities suitable for use with school pupils. The activities and props were developed at the University of Liverpool and we have the equipment to run a selection of these activities in Sheffield.

Public lectures and talks for schools

Many members of our staff give non-specialist lectures on a wide range of topics in mathematics and statistics. Below are some recent examples.

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