PhD Places

We offer PhD programmes in many parts of Mathematics and Statistics. For information about the areas in which supervision may be available, see the following links:

If you have a good idea of what you would like to study, it may be best to start with an informal query to a member of staff in the relevant area.
Alternatively, you can contact the Director of Postgraduate Research (Prof Elizabeth Winstanley) or one of the PhD Admissions Advisers (Dr Kirill Mackenzie, Dr Timothy Heaton).

Formal applications are handled initially by the Research and Innovation Services department rather than by the School of Mathematics and Statistics. See the following link for details of the process:

Fees and funding

Where possible, we will try to find funding to cover fees and pay salaries to PhD students. Salaries generally follow the guidelines set by UK Research Councils (see below). There are various different possible sources of funding with different eligibility rules; the situation is complex and changes frequently, so you should get in touch to find out the latest information. Students from outside the EU will usually need to obtain funding from their own countries. There is a large difference between the fees charged to home and overseas students. Follow the fees status link below to see whether you qualify as a home student.