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Mr Dennis Almeida

Position: Teaching fellow
Telephone: (0114) 2223812
Office: K28 Hicks building
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MAS003 Core Foundation Mathematics Information uses MOLE
MAS190 Introduction to Probability and Statistics 1 (NJTech) Information  
MAS302 Undergraduate Ambassadors Scheme Information uses MOLE

Research interests:

I am a retired lecturer in mathematics education ( with a strong affinity with the parent discipline.
I have had research interests in the following areas: 1. Student understanding of mathematical proof 2. Teaching and learning in undergraduate mathematics 3. Linear and semi-linear operators 4. Non-European history of mathematics 5 Socio-political implications of mathematics.
Some of my publications, conference presentations and media talks in mathematics and mathematics education can be viewed here:

Teaching interests:

I have taught taught mathematics in secondary schools (in the UK and in China) and also various undergraduate mathematics courses at the Exeter School of Education (these include Number Theory, Algebra and Geometry and the History of Mathematics).
I have supervised MEd and taught doctorate EdD courses in mathematics education.
In my role as outreach officer for the School of Mathematics and Statistics at the University of Sheffield I have developed courses for gifted and talented mathematicians in sixth forms in the region ( These courses have been replicated at the Mathematics Department of the University of Leicester (