Dr Rekha Jain

Position: Reader
Home page: http://rekha-jain.staff.shef.ac.uk
Telephone: (0114) 2223732
Office: H24 Hicks building
Photo of Rekha Jain


MAS112 Vectors and Mechanics Information  


Interests: Solar physics, Helioseismology, Astrophysical MHD
Research groups: Analysis, Plasma Dynamics Group
Publications: Preprint page


Past grants, as Principal Investigator
Acoustic Wave Scattering by Magnetic Flux Tubes EPSRC
Theory and Observations of the Solar-Terrestrial System, STFC Introductory Course in Solar and Solar-Terrestrial Physics (ISS 2008) STFC
Solar coronal heating: A new approach based on satellite observations
Extrapolation of magnetic field lines using Photospheric MDI magnetograms RS
Past grants, as Coinvestigator
Application to STFC for Consolidated Grant Support for the Solar Physics and Space Plasma Research Centre (SP2RC) STFC
Consolidated Grant Support for SP2RC
Consolidated Grant Support for the Solar Physics and Space Plasma Research Centre (SP2RC) STFC
Structure and Dynamics of Solar Interior and Other Stars

Research interests:

Dr Rekha Jain works in the field of solar physics in which one studies various phenomena that occur on the Sun. She is interested in:
  • investigating the effects of magnetism on the oscillations.
  • studying wave propagation through gravitationally stratified atmospheres.
  • resonant modes of magnetic loops in the sun’s corona.
  • understanding how the Sun's outer atmosphere is heated to million degrees.
  • modelling of magnetic reconnection and nanoflare heating.
  • numerical simulation of forced magnetic reconnection.
For more details, see http://rekha-jain.staff.shef.ac.uk/

Teaching interests:

  • Differential Equations
  • Magnetohydrodynamics
  • Mechanics
  • Scalar and Vector fields