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Note: Events marked [e] occur in weeks 2,4,6,9 and 11 only; events marked [o] occur in weeks 1,3,5,8,10 and 12 only; all other events occur every week, except for week 7 which is Reading Week.

If you have a timetable clash, see here for what to do. If you want to change your module choices, use the online add/drop form.

  Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri
9 MAS110L AT-LT 04 MAS115L AT-LT 04 MAS211T(402) LT09 MAS110L DB-LT01 MAS222T(443) F20[e]
  MAS221T(21) LT09[o] MAS310L LTD MAS211T(407) LT10 MAS223L LT01 MAS360L LT07
  MAS221T(23) LT10[o] MAS430L F30 MAS352L LTC   MAS411L LT10
  MAS330L AT-LT 05   MAS452L LTC   MAS6002L ADB-A04
  MAS435L LT11   MAS6052L LTC    
  MAS6005L LTD        
10 MAS110T(11) 38MS-G06[o] MAS110P(16) LT10[e] MAS110T(101) 38MS-G06[o] MAS115L LT01 MAS211T(405) LT09
  MAS110P(61) F28[e] MAS110T(43) F30[o] MAS110T(68) 38MS-G10[o] MAS222L ADB-LT 02 MAS211T(406) LT10
  MAS110T(102) 38MS-G04[o] MAS110T(50) LT10[o] MAS110T(99) 38MS-102[o]   MAS314L LT06
  MAS110T(12) 38MS-G07[o] MAS110T(52) 38MS-G04[o] MAS110T(100) 38MS-G04[o]   MAS439L F41
  MAS110T(13) 38MS-G10[o] MAS110T(54) 38MS-G07[o] MAS110P(17) LT09[e]    
  MAS110T(14) 38MS-102[o] MAS110T(55) 38MS-G10[o] MAS110P(18) LT10[e]    
  MAS211T(401) LT09 MAS110T(66) J6c[o] MAS110T(67) 38MS-G07[o]    
  MAS310L DB-SRC12h MAS110T(97) 38MS-203[o] MAS212T(413) BA-ALG04    
  MAS436L LT11 MAS110T( 98) F9b[o] MAS212T(412) G25    
  MAS6005L LTD MAS110P(15) LT09[e]      
    MAS110T(51) I12[o]      
    MAS110T(53) 38MS-G06[o]      
    MAS110T(65) 38MS-102[o]      
    MAS110T(95) 38MS-202[o]      
    MAS330L AT-LT 09      
    MAS400P G25      
11 MAS110T(21) 38MS-G06[o] MAS115T(1) G25 MAS113P(83) G25 MAS113P(80) AT-1012 MAS110L DB-LT01
  MAS110T(22) 38MS-G07[o] MAS115T(2) AT-1012 MAS113P(84) BA-ALG04 MAS113P(81) PC C28 MAS212T(411) G25
  MAS110T(20) 38MS-G04[o] MAS279L 38MS-107 MAS113P(85) FC Computer Room MAS113P(82) GB-B04 MAS361L LT03
  MAS110T(23) H7[o] MAS314L LTD MAS113T(93) K14 MAS113T(90) LT09 MAS461L LT03
  MAS110T(24) J26[o] MAS411L LT10 MAS113T(94) LT09 MAS113T(91) LT10 MAS6012L LT03
  MAS110T(25) 38MS-102[o]   MAS113T(95) LT10 MAS113T(92) K14  
  MAS110T(26) 38MS-202[o]   MAS211T(403) F24 MAS301L I12  
  MAS110T(34) [o]   MAS211T(404) F28 MAS367L LTE  
  MAS377L LT03   MAS436L F41 MAS467L LTE  
  MAS413L LT09     MAS6003L LTE  
  MAS6431L LT09        
12 MAS110T(30) 38MS-G04[o] MAS113L ADB-LT 02 MAS115T(4) BA-ALG04 MAS112L ADB-LT 01 MAS114T(K) F24
  MAS110T(31) 38MS-G06[o] MAS279L 38MS-107 MAS115T(5) GB-B04 MAS211L ADB-LT 02 MAS114T(L) LTD
  MAS110T(32) 38MS-G07[o] MAS331L LTA MAS223T(34) F20[e] MAS364L LT03 MAS114T(M) F38
  MAS110T(36) LT04[o]   MAS362L LTA MAS464L LT03 MAS114T(N) RRB-B81
  MAS110T(33) 38MS-G10[o]   MAS462L LTA MAS6004L LT03 MAS211L ADB-LT 02
  MAS110T(35) I12[o]   MAS6011L LT03 MAS6062L LT03 MAS333L LT06
  MAS221L LT07   MAS6053L LTA   MAS438L LT06
  MAS315L LT10   MAS6061L DB-LT01    
  MAS413L LT09        
  MAS6431L LT09        
13 MAS110T(28) 38MS-103[o] MAS114L AT-LT 04 MAS222L LT01 MAS223T(33) LT09[e] MAS113L ADB-LT 01
  MAS110T(29) 38MS-202[o] MAS211L ADB-LT 01 MAS302L F20 MAS223T(35) LTB[e] MAS221L LT01
  MAS110T(37) F30[o] MAS360L LT10   MAS223T(36) K14[e] MAS348L LT02
  MAS110T(80) 38MS-G06[o] MAS435L LTD   MAS332L LTC MAS430L LT10
  MAS110T(86) 38MS-G07[o]     MAS420L DB-SRC12h  
  MAS110T(27) 38MS-102[o]        
  MAS110T(39) 38MS-G04[o]        
  MAS110T(90) 38MS-G10[o]        
  MAS114L DB-LT01        
  MAS222T(441) LT09[e]        
  MAS361L LT03        
  MAS461L LT03        
  MAS6012L LT03        
14 MAS222T(442) LT09[e] MAS331L LT03   MAS220T(12) LT09[e] MAS115P(72) FC-B56
  MAS369L LTC     MAS221T(25) LT09[o] MAS115P(73) PC C28
  MAS469L LTC     MAS334L LT06 MAS364L LTC
  MAS6011L LT02     MAS439L F30 MAS464L LTC
  MAS6019L LTC       MAS6004L LTC
          MAS6062L LTC
15 MAS112T(A) LT09 MAS112T(X) LT09   MAS114T(I) LT09 MAS115P(74) FC-B56
  MAS112T(B) LT10 MAS220L LT01   MAS114T(J) LT10 MAS115P(75) PC C28
  MAS212L ADB-A04 MAS332L LT02   MAS115P(71) G25 MAS222T(444) LT09[e]
  MAS220T(11) F20[e] MAS420L LTD   MAS220T(13) LTB[e] MAS352L LTC
  MAS333L LTD     MAS220T(14) LT04[e] MAS452L LTC
  MAS438L LTD     MAS221T(22) LT04[o] MAS6052L LTC
  MAS6061L LTA     MAS221T(24) LTB[o]  
        MAS336L LT03  
        MAS400L F38  
16 MAS110T(40) LT11[o] MAS115T(3) G25   MAS110L DB-LT01 MAS112L LT01
  MAS110T(41) F24[o] MAS223L LT01   MAS220L ADB-LT 02 MAS336L LT03
  MAS110T(42) I12[o] MAS369L AT-LT 08   MAS377L LT03  
  MAS110T(44) K9[o] MAS469L AT-LT 08      
  MAS110T(45) 38MS-G07[o] MAS6019L AT-LT 08      
  MAS110T(63) 38MS-102[o]        
  MAS110T(64) 38MS-103[o]        
  MAS110T(46) 38MS-G04[o]        
  MAS110P(69) F20[e]        
  MAS110P(91) LT10[e]        
  MAS112T(C) LT09        
  MAS211L ADB-LT 01        
  MAS362L LTE        
  MAS462L LTE        
  MAS6053L LTE        
17 MAS315L LTB MAS334L LTA   MAS348L LT01 MAS367L LT07
          MAS467L LT07
          MAS6003L LT07