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Note: Events marked [e] occur in weeks 2,4,6,9 and 11 only; events marked [o] occur in weeks 1,3,5,8,10 and 12 only; all other events occur every week, except for week 7 which is Reading Week.

If you have a timetable clash, see here for what to do. If you want to change your module choices, use the online add/drop form.

  Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri
9 MAS113L ADB-LT 02 MAS115L Diamond LT7 MAS113P(80) AT-1012 MAS110L AT-LT 04 MAS112L LT01
  MAS221T(23) F24[o] MAS222L LT01 MAS113P(81) BA-ALG04 MAS223L LT01 MAS222T(443) F20[e]
  MAS221T(24) LT10[o] MAS430L F41 MAS113P(82) Diamond Comp 4 MAS367L LT02 MAS360L LTA
  MAS331L LT04   MAS113T(90) F20 MAS467L LT02 MAS411L F24
  MAS435L F20   MAS113T(91) F24 MAS6003L LT07 MAS468L Diamond Comp 2
  MAS6010L LT10   MAS113T(92) F28   MAS6002L G25
      MAS113T(93) AT-LT 01    
      MAS211T(402) F41    
      MAS211T(407) F38    
      MAS352L LT07    
      MAS452L LT07    
10 MAS110T(10) 38MS-TR09[o] MAS110T(50) 38MS-TR08[o] MAS110T(101) E39[o] MAS115L LT01 MAS211T(405) LTD
  MAS110T(103) [o] MAS110T(52) F20[o] MAS110P(68) F24[e] MAS352L LT02 MAS211T(406) F20
  MAS110T(104) [o] MAS110T(54) F30[o] MAS110T(99) 38MS-TR06[o] MAS452L LT02 MAS314L K14
  MAS110T(11) LT09[o] MAS110T(55) I14[o] MAS110T(100) E36[o]   MAS468L Diamond Comp 2
  MAS110T(16) 38MS-TR06[o] MAS110P(65) F20[e] MAS110P(67) F20[e]   MAS6002L G25
  MAS110P(61) LT09[e] MAS110P(66) F24[e] MAS212T(412) GB-B04    
  MAS110P(62) LTD[e] MAS110T(97) F24[o] MAS362L LT07    
  MAS110T(102) [o] MAS110T( 98) [o] MAS462L LT07    
  MAS110T(12) 38MS-TR01[o] MAS110T(51) E39[o] MAS6053L LT02    
  MAS110T(13) 38MS-TR02[o] MAS110T(53) 38MS-TR07[o]      
  MAS110T(14) 38MS-TR03[o] MAS110T(95) [o]      
  MAS110T(15) 38MS-TR04[o] MAS110T(96) 38MS-TR09[o]      
  MAS110T(17) 38MS-TR07[o] MAS279L Diamond Comp 2      
  MAS110T(18) 38MS-TR11[o] MAS330L LT02      
  MAS110T(19) 38MS-TR08[o] MAS400P AT-1012      
  MAS211T(401) LT04        
  MAS310L Diamond LT8        
  MAS400L LT10        
  MAS6010L LT10        
11 MAS110T(21) I7[o] MAS115T(1) G39a MAS113P(83) AT-1012 MAS301L LTC MAS110L DB-LT01
  MAS110T(22) J26[o] MAS115T(2) G25 MAS113P(84) Diamond Comp 4 MAS367L LT02 MAS212T(411) Diamond Comp 2
  MAS110T(28) 38MS-TR11[o] MAS279T(1) Diamond Comp 2 MAS113P(85) FC-B56 MAS467L LT02 MAS361L LT06
  MAS110T(29) I12[o] MAS336L LT03 MAS113T(94) F24 MAS6003L LT07 MAS461L LT06
  MAS110T(20) 38MS-TR01[o] MAS411L F20 MAS113T(95) F20   MAS6012L LT06
  MAS110T(23) 38MS-TR06[o]   MAS211T(403) LT10   MAS6052L LTA
  MAS110T(24) 38MS-TR07[o]   MAS211T(404) F38    
  MAS110T(25) 38MS-TR08[o]   MAS348L LT02    
  MAS110T(26) 38MS-TR09[o]        
  MAS110T(27) 38MS-TR10[o]        
  MAS377L LTA        
  MAS413L E39        
12 MAS110T(30) I23[o] MAS113L DB-LT01 MAS115T(4) FC-B56 MAS112L ADB-LT 01 MAS114T(K) F20
  MAS110T(31) J15[o] MAS221T(25) F20[o] MAS115T(5) G25 MAS211L Diamond LT4 MAS114T(L) F24
  MAS110T(32) J6c[o] MAS223T(31) F20[e] MAS223T(34) F20[e] MAS364L LT02 MAS114T(M) F28
  MAS110T(36) F24[o] MAS223T(32) F24[e] MAS334L LT02 MAS464L LT02 MAS114T(N) F38
  MAS110T(37) LT09[o] MAS332L LT02 MAS465L LT03 MAS6004L Diamond LT7 MAS211L DB-LT01
  MAS110T(80) [o]   MAS6011L LT03 MAS6062L Diamond LT7 MAS333L LT05
  MAS110T(86) 38MS-TR10[o]   MAS6061L DB-LT01   MAS438L LT05
  MAS110T(33) 38MS-TR03[o]        
  MAS110T(34) 38MS-TR04[o]        
  MAS110T(35) H7[o]        
  MAS110T(39) 38MS-TR01[o]        
  MAS110T(81) 38MS-TR02[o]        
  MAS110T(82) 38MS-TR06[o]        
  MAS110T(83) 38MS-TR07[o]        
  MAS110T(84) 38MS-TR08[o]        
  MAS110T(85) 38MS-TR09[o]        
  MAS110T(87) 38MS-TR11[o]        
  MAS221L LT01        
  MAS413L E39        
13 MAS110T(88) 38MS-TR06[o] MAS114L DB-LT01 MAS222L LT01 MAS223T(33) F20[e] MAS110L RRB-AUD
  MAS110T(89) E36[o] MAS211L ADB-LT 01 MAS302L F24 MAS223T(35) F28[e] MAS221L ADB-LT 01
  MAS110T(90) E39[o] MAS360L LTA   MAS223T(36) F24[e] MAS348L LT01
  MAS114L DB-LT01 MAS435L F20   MAS332L LT07 MAS430L F38
  MAS222T(441) F41[e]     MAS420L LTE  
  MAS361L LT05        
  MAS461L LT05        
  MAS6012L LT05        
  MAS6052L LTA        
14 MAS222T(442) LT04[e] MAS331L LT10   MAS220T(14) LT10[e] MAS115P(72) G25
  MAS222T(445) F28[e]     MAS220T(15) LT09[e] MAS115P(73) FC-B56
  MAS315L F20     MAS310L LTE MAS364L LT02
  MAS465L LT02     MAS439L LTC MAS464L LT02
  MAS6011L LT02       MAS6004L LT07
          MAS6062L LT07
15 MAS112T(A) F20 MAS112T(X) F20   MAS114T(I) LT10 MAS115P(74) G25
  MAS112T(B) F24 MAS220L LT01   MAS114T(J) LT09 MAS115P(75) IC-302
  MAS212L LT05 MAS334L LT02   MAS115P(71) FC-B56 MAS222T(444) F20[e]
  MAS220T(11) LT10[e] MAS436L F38   MAS220T(12) LTA[e] MAS330L LT02
  MAS221T(21) LT09[o]     MAS220T(13) LTC[e]  
  MAS333L LT04     MAS221T(22) LTA[o]  
  MAS438L LT04     MAS314L LT05  
  MAS6061L LTA     MAS436L LTD  
16 MAS110T(40) LT03[o] MAS115T(3) G39a   MAS110L Diamond LT4 MAS336L LT05
  MAS110T(41) F38[o] MAS223L LT01   MAS220L LT01  
  MAS110T(42) G19[o] MAS420L LTA   MAS377L LTA  
  MAS110T(43) I16[o]     MAS439L F28  
  MAS110T(44) LTE[o]        
  MAS110T(45) LTB[o]        
  MAS110P(63) LTD[e]        
  MAS110P(64) LTB[e]        
  MAS110T(92) 38MS-TR08[o]        
  MAS110T(46) I12[o]        
  MAS110T(69) 38MS-TR06[o]        
  MAS110T(91) 38MS-TR07[o]        
  MAS110T(93) 38MS-TR09[o]        
  MAS110T(94) 38MS-TR10[o]        
  MAS112T(C) F20        
  MAS112T(W) F24        
  MAS211L ADB-LT 02        
  MAS362L LT02        
  MAS462L LT02        
  MAS6053L LT07        
17 MAS315L F20