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We have a vibrant culture of research visitors to the School of Mathematics and Statistics, some of whom are here just for a few days, but others up to a year. Visitors come from across the world to collaborate with our academic staff, from places as diverse as China, Turkey, Germany, Romania, Italy, Costa Rica, and of course the UK.

If you are interested in visiting for research collaboration, please liaise directly with the member of academic staff with whom you plan to collaborate, who will host you if you come. We do have some limited funding for people who wish to visit. If you are interested in this opportunity, please ask your proposed host. Some more general information for visitors to Sheffield University is available.

Dr Med Ould El-Hadj (University of Corsica)1/1/2019 — 31/12/2019
Host: Sam DolanRoom: K28
Dr Gang Wang (Nanjing Tech)22/8/2018 — 21/8/2019
Host: Neil StricklandRoom: K28
Dr Yimin Wang1/7/2018 — 30/6/2019
Host: Robert von Fay-SiebenburgenRoom: H19
Dr Lihong Wang (Beihang University)1/7/2018 — 30/6/2019
Host: Robert von Fay-SiebenburgenRoom: H19
Dr Avan Al Saffar (University of Sheffield)27/7/2018 — 21/6/2019
Host: Eun-jin KimRoom: K28
Heli Gao (Beihang University, Beijing)20/11/2018 — 17/5/2019
Room: K28
Dr Heli Gao (Beihang University)18/10/2018 — 17/5/2019
Host: Shaun QueganRoom: K28
Dr Kohei Kikuta (Osaka University)1/10/2018 — 31/3/2019
Host: Tom BridgelandRoom: K14
Dr Steffen Kionke (Karlsruhe Instutute of Technology)10/12/2018 — 14/12/2018
Host: Haluk Sengun
Dr Alexander Nestor-Bergmann (Cambridge)10/12/2018 — 10/12/2018
Host: Alexander Fletcher
Dr Naoto Nishizuka (National Institute of Information and Communications Technology)18/11/2018 — 27/11/2018
Host: Robert von Fay-SiebenburgenRoom: H19
Dr Vlad Serban (University of Vienna)4/11/2018 — 11/11/2018
Host: Haluk Sengun
Stanley Strawbridge (Cambridge)1/10/2018 — 2/11/2018
Host: Alexander Fletcher
Prof Krzysztof Klosin (CUNY Queens College)10/8/2018 — 16/8/2018
Host: Tobias Berger
Dr Hang Wang (Adelaide / East China Normal)28/6/2018 — 8/7/2018
Host: Haluk Sengun
Dr Bram Mesland (MPIM)27/6/2018 — 7/7/2018
Host: Haluk Sengun
Dr Chris Rookyard (KCL)31/5/2018 — 1/6/2018
Host: Alexander Fletcher
Mr Emmanuel Lecouturier (Paris)23/4/2018 — 27/4/2018
Host: Adel Betina
Dr David Robert Grimes (Queen's University Belfast)10/4/2018 — 12/4/2018
Host: Alexander Fletcher
Dr Lassina Dembele1/2/2018 — 31/3/2018
Host: Haluk Sengun
Dr Alexander Nestor-Bergmann (Cambridge)12/3/2018 — 13/3/2018
Host: Alexander Fletcher
Dr Guy Blanchard (Cambridge)12/3/2018 — 13/3/2018
Host: Alexander Fletcher
Prof Mladen Dimitrov (Lille)26/2/2018 — 2/3/2018
Host: Tobias Berger
Prof Mary Myerscough (Sydney)21/2/2018 — 21/2/2018
Host: Alexander Fletcher
Dr Atsuhira Nagano (University of Tokyo)12/2/2018 — 20/2/2018
Host: Haluk SengunRoom: K28
Dr Ayberk Zeytin (Galatasaray University)22/1/2018 — 29/1/2018
Host: Haluk SengunRoom: J10

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