The work of the Topology group is focused on stable homotopy theory, and equivariant versions for spectra with action of a compact Lie group. One major theme is elliptic cohomology, which has rich connections with the work of the Number Theory group. Another theme involves the commutative algebra of generalised cohomology rings, particularly in an equivariant context, which again interacts strongly with the Algebra group.

A third body of work involves the categorical foundations of homotopy theory, in terms of model categories and their derived categories (which are often triangulated). The group has worked extensively on highly structured ring spectra and their modules, which also fall under this heading.

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Academic staff
Name Office Phone Email VCard  
Prof Tom Bridgeland FRS J18B 23747 vcard Algebraic geometry and mirror symmetry
Dr Paul Johnson J6b 23775 vcard Algebraic Geometry, Combinatorics
Dr Paul Mitchener J20 23858 vcard $C^\ast$-categories, Analytic and algebraic $K$-theory, Assembly maps, Coarse Geometry
Prof Ieke Moerdijk J13 23843 vcard Algebraic and differential topology, category theory
Prof Neil Strickland J26 23852 vcard Algebraic topology, formal group theory
Prof Sarah Whitehouse J6c 23870 vcard Algebraic topology
Dr Simon Willerton J19 23823 vcard quantum topology, algebraic topology, category theory, metric spaces

Teaching fellows
Name Office Phone Email VCard  
Dr Fionntan Roukema K09 23872 vcard Low dimensional topology, Dehn surgery, knot theory.

Honorary academic staff
Name Office Phone Email VCard  
Prof John Greenlees   vcard Equivariant topology, commutative algebra, algebraic topology

Emeritus professors
Name Office Phone Email VCard  
Prof Victor Snaith   vcard Algebraic K-theory, algebraic topology, algebraic geometry, representation theory

Postgraduate students
Name Office Phone Email VCard  
Nicola Bellumat   vcard
James Brotherston J25 vcard
Neil Hansford J18a vcard Functional analysis, algebraic topology
Mr Joseph Martin J14a vcard Equipments
Luca Pol J14b vcard (Equivariant) stable homotopy theory
Miss Eve Pound J14a vcard
Jordan Williamson J14b vcard Equivariant stable homotopy theory and model categories
Mr Yirui Xiong J14a vcard

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