Gravitation and Cosmology

The group's interests are in Cosmology, Gravitation, Black Holes and Quantum Gravity. It seeks to understand how the universe expands, why its expansion is accelerating, the classical and quantum behaviour of black holes, and the fundamental quantum theory of space and time.

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Academic staff
Name Office Phone Email VCard  
Dr Sam Dolan G18 23708 vcard General relativity, black hole physics and gravitational wave astronomy
Prof Carsten van de Bruck G19 23790 vcard Cosmology
Prof Elizabeth Winstanley G5 23796 vcard Black holes, general relativity, quantum field theory in curved space-time

Teaching fellows
Name Office Phone Email VCard  
Dr Carl Kent K30 23722 vcard Quantum field theory in curved space-time, adS/CFT correspondence, quantum gravity.

Emeritus professors
Name Office Phone Email VCard  
Prof Alan Zinober   23888 vcard Nonlinear control, optimisation

Research fellows
Name Office Phone Email VCard  
Dr Eleonora Di Valentino G37 vcard Gravitation and Cosmology
Dr Steffen Gielen G17 23818 vcard Quantum gravity and cosmology

Postgraduate students
Name Office Phone Email VCard  
Andrea Calcinari   vcard
Mr Richard Daniel G30 vcard
George Montagnon   vcard
Jake Percival G16 vcard
Miss Elsa Maria Teixeira G30 vcard

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