Category Theory

The group works on triangulated categories, Quillen model categories, various types of higher categories and other aspects of category theory, often with a view to applications in homotopy theory. The group has also worked extensively on operads.


Academic staff
Name Office Phone Email VCard  
Dr Paul Mitchener J20 23858 vcard $C^\ast$-categories, Analytic and algebraic $K$-theory, Assembly maps, Coarse Geometry
Prof Ieke Moerdijk J13 23843 vcard Algebraic and differential topology, category theory
Prof Neil Strickland J26 23852 vcard Algebraic topology, formal group theory
Dr Simon Willerton J19 23823 vcard quantum topology, algebraic topology, category theory, metric spaces

Postgraduate students
Name Office Phone Email VCard  
Bradley Ashley   vcard Algebraic Coarse Geometry, Category Theory
Matthew Ferrier J25 vcard C$^*$-algebras, C$^*$-categories, K-theory
Andrew Fisher   vcard Algebraic topology
Oliver House   vcard
Mr Joseph Martin J14a vcard Equipments

Past grants