MAS400 Project Presentation in Mathematics and Statistics

Semester 1, 2019/20 10 Credits
Lecturer: Prof Caitlin Buck Home page Reading List
Aims Outcomes Teaching Methods Assessment

This unit provides further training and experience in the use of appropriate computer packages for the presentation of mathematics and statistics, and guidance on the coherent and accurate presentation of technical information.

Corequisites: MAS406 (Mathematics and Statistics Project)
Not with: MAS301 (Group Project) simultaneously

The following modules have this module as a prerequisite:

MAS406Mathematics and Statistics Project

Outline syllabus

  • Review of LATEX and TeXworks
  • Typesetting mathematics in LATEX
  • Writing mathematics and statistics
  • Structuring a mathematical report
  • Oral presentations
  • The LATEX beamer package

Office hours

Please email Caitlin Buck ( for a personal appointment.


  • To develop written skills for use in the level 4 project.
  • To develop oral skills for use in the level 4 project.
  • To develop general presentational skills usable in a wider context.

Learning outcomes

  • To be able to write mathematics clearly and coherently.
  • To be able to use LATEX competently.
  • To be able to use the beamer package.
  • To be able to write and deliver an effective mathematical presentation.

Teaching methods

Lab sessions, lectures and discussions.

3 lectures, 2 tutorials, 6 practicals


Coursework [65%]. Oral presentation [35%].

Reading list

Type Author(s) Title Library Blackwells Amazon
B LaTeX wikibook
B Nicholas J. Higham Writing for the Mathematical Sciences 808.06651 (H) Blackwells Amazon

(A = essential, B = recommended, C = background.)

Most books on reading lists should also be available from the Blackwells shop at Jessop West.