MAS6600 Dissertation

Both semesters, 2019/20 60 Credits
Lecturer: Dr Sam Dolan
Aims Assessment

The dissertation gives the student the opportunity to study an advanced mathematical topic in depth and write a dissertation about what they have learned.

The student selects a topic offered by a member of staff and writes a dissertation on this under the supervision of the member of staff.

There are no prerequisites for this module.
No other modules have this module as a prerequisite.

Outline syllabus

Students will each have a different dissertation topic. Work on this starts during the second semester, but the bulk of the work is done after the June examinations. Students present an account of their findings in early September and the dissertation must be submitted by the middle of that month.


  • allow students to write an extended project on a subject of interest to them.
  • develop students' ability to organise and present a lengthy piece of technical work.

No lectures, no tutorials


This will be assessed on the basis of a 10-20,000 word dissertation, and a brief oral presentation and viva.