MAS261 Further General Engineering Mathematics

Note: Information for future academic years is provisional. Timetable information and teaching staff are especially likely to change, but other details may also be altered, some courses may not run at all, and other courses may be added.

Both semesters, 2022/23 15 Credits
Lecturer: Prof Michael Ruderman Timetable
Aims Outcomes Assessment

Prerequisites: MAS161 (General Engineering Mathematics)
No other modules have this module as a prerequisite.


  • Reinforce previous mathematical knowledge.
  • Develop new mathematical concepts needed to support engineering at Level 2.
  • Provide a foundation for the Level 3 and 4 courses for engineers.

Learning outcomes

  • Work with Laplace and Fourier transforms.
  • Calculate and work with Fourier series.
  • Understand and solve certain partial differential equations.
  • Calculate multiple integrals.
  • Work with scalar and vector fields.
  • Apply techniques from partial differentiation, including directional derivatives.
  • Understand truth tables and basic logical constructs.
  • Work with modular arithmetic.
  • Understand the processes of induction and recursion.

No lectures, 33 tutorials


One final exam worth 85