Level 1

Code Title Semester
MAS110 Mathematics Core I 1
MAS111 Mathematics Core II 2
MAS112 Vectors and Mechanics Year
MAS113 Introduction to Probability and Statistics Year
MAS114 Numbers and Groups Year
MAS115 Mathematical Investigation Skills Year

Level 2

Code Title Semester
MAS211 Advanced Calculus and Linear Algebra 1
MAS212 Scientific Computing and Simulation 1
MAS220 Algebra Year
MAS221 Analysis Year
MAS222 Differential Equations Year
MAS223 Statistical Inference and Modelling Year
MAS275 Probability Modelling 2
MAS279 Career Development Skills Year
MAS280 Mechanics and Fluids 2
MAS286 Mathematics and Statistics in Action 2

Level 3

Code Title Semester
MAS301 Group Project 1
MAS302 Undergraduate Ambassadors Scheme Year
MAS310 Continuum Mechanics 1
MAS31001 Generalised Linear Models 2
MAS314 Introduction to Relativity 1
MAS315 Waves 1
MAS316 Mathematical modelling of natural systems 2
MAS320 Fluid Mechanics I 2
MAS322 Operations Research 2
MAS324 Quantum Theory 2
MAS325 Mathematical Methods 2
MAS330 Topics in Number Theory 1
MAS331 Metric Spaces 1
MAS332 Complex Analysis 1
MAS333 Fields 1
MAS334 Combinatorics 1
MAS336 Differential Geometry 1
MAS341 Graph Theory 2
MAS343 History of Mathematics 2
MAS344 Knots and Surfaces 2
MAS345 Codes and Cryptography 2
MAS346 Groups and Symmetry 2
MAS348 Game Theory 1
MAS350 Measure and Probability 2
MAS352 Stochastic Processes and Finance Year
MAS360 Practical and Applied Statistics Year
MAS361 Medical Statistics 1
MAS362 Financial Mathematics 1
MAS364 Bayesian Statistics 1
MAS369 Machine Learning 1
MAS370 Sampling Theory and Design of Experiments 2
MAS371 Applied Probability 2
MAS372 Time Series 2
MAS377 Mathematical Biology 1

Level 4

Code Title Semester
MAS400 Project Presentation in Mathematics and Statistics 1
MAS406 Mathematics and Statistics Project Year
MAS411 Topics in Advanced Fluid Mechanics 1
MAS413 Analytical Dynamics and Classical Field Theory Year
MAS414 Mathematical Modelling of Natural Systems 2
MAS420 Signal Processing 1
MAS422 Magnetohydrodynamics 2
MAS423 Advanced Operations Research 2
MAS430 Analytic Number Theory 1
MAS435 Algebraic Topology Year
MAS436 Functional Analysis Year
MAS438 Fields 1
MAS439 Commutative Algebra and Algebraic Geometry Year
MAS442 Galois Theory 2
MAS451 Measure and Probability 2
MAS452 Stochastic Processes and Finance Year
MAS462 Financial Mathematics 1
MAS469 Machine Learning 1

Level 5

Code Title Semester
MAS5050 Mathematical Methods for Statistics Year
MAS5051 Probability and Probability Distributions Year
MAS5052 Basic Statistics Year

Level 6

Code Title Semester
MAS6004 Inference Year
MAS6012 Sampling, Design, Medical Statistics Year
MAS6019 Machine Learning and Time Series Year
MAS6024 Statistical Data Science in R 1
MAS6041 Dissertation Year
MAS6052 Stochastic Processes and Finance Year
MAS6053 Financial Mathematics 1
MAS6061 Epidemiology and Time Series Year
MAS6071 Applied Probability 2
MAS61001 Generalised Linear Models 2
MAS61002 Medical Statistics Year
MAS61003 Sampling Theory and Design of Experiments 2
MAS61004 The Statistician's Toolkit Year
MAS61005 Time Series 2
MAS61006 Bayesian Statistics and Computational Methods Year
MAS61007 Machine learning Year
MAS6310 Algebra I Year
MAS6310A Algebra IA 1
MAS6310B Algebra IB 2
MAS6320 Algebra II Year
MAS6340 Analysis I Year
MAS6352 Analysis II Year
MAS6352A Analysis IIA 1
MAS6352B Analysis IIB 2
MAS6360A Geometry IA 1
MAS6360B Geometry IB 1
MAS6370 Algebraic Topology I Year
MAS6420 Topics in Advanced Fluid Mechanics 1
MAS6420A Topics in Advanced Fluid Mechanics A 1
MAS6420B Topics in Advanced Fluid Mechanics B 1
MAS6431 Analytical Dynamics and Classical Field Theory Year
MAS6446 Mathematical methods and modelling of natural systems 2
MAS6450 Waves and Magnetohydrodynamics Year
MAS6450A Waves and Magnetohydrodynamics A 1
MAS6450B Waves and Magnetohydrodynamics B 2
MAS6500 Directed Reading in Mathematics Year
MAS6510 Special Topics I Year
MAS6520 Special Topics (Autumn) 1
MAS6530 Special Topics (Spring) 2
MAS6600 Dissertation Year

The content of our courses is reviewed annually to make sure it's up-to-date and relevant. Individual modules are occasionally updated or withdrawn. This is in response to discoveries through our world-leading research; funding changes; professional accreditation requirements; student or employer feedback; outcomes of reviews; and variations in staff or student numbers. In the event of any change we'll consult and inform students in good time and take reasonable steps to minimise disruption.