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Dr Steffen Kionke (Karlsruhe Instutute of Technology)Mon 10/12/18Fri 14/12/18
Host: Haluk Sengun
Dr Naoto Nishizuka (Tokyo)Mon 19/11/18Tue 27/11/18
Room: H18
Dr Naoto Nishizuka (NICT; National Institute of Information and Communications Technology) is an international leading expert in the area of space weather prediction and forecasting with particular aspects of solar flare prediction using AI and machine learning techniques.
Anyone in SP2RC/SoMaS is welcome to collaborate, but direct beneficiaries may be Prof MSR, Drs JL, CJN, YW (our long-term research visitor) and a nr of PhD students (NG, MBK, TK, NZ and VV – the latter is our new student started in the Autumn). For further info or collaboration with Dr NN while visiting SoMsS pls contact RvFS.
Dr Vlad Serban (University of Vienna)Sun 4/11/18Sun 11/11/18
Host: Haluk Sengun

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