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20200717T130000 20200717T135000 SP2RC seminar (Vaibhav Pant) Speaker: Vaibhav Pant (KU Leuven)\n Title: MHD simulations and forward modeling of transverse MHD waves in the solar atmosphere\n URL: /maths/sem_week.html?id=3505\n

SP2RC seminar

Vaibhav Pant (KU Leuven)

MHD simulations and forward modeling of transverse MHD waves in the solar atmosphere

Friday, 17 July at 13:00


Several spectroscopic and imaging observations have established the ubiquity of transverse MHD waves in the solar atmosphere. Recently, an apparent discrepancy was noted in the measured wave energy flux in the transition region using SDO/AIA compared to those measured in the corona using Coronal Multi-channel Polarimeter (CoMP). Earlier studies have speculated that this discrepancy could be due to the unresolved wave amplitudes along the line-of-sight (LOS) in the solar atmosphere but they required the use of an additional, unknown source of wave energy to provide agreement with the measurements of the coronal non-thermal line widths. In this talk, I will resolve this discrepancy by presenting 3D MHD simulations of propagating transverse MHD waves in a gravitationally stratified plasma with properties similar to the coronal holes in the Sun. I will present the amount of underestimation of true energy in the MHD simulations due to the LOS superposition of different structures in the solar corona. This study could be useful in estimating the true wave energy flux using the observations of the nonthermal line widths from the upcoming solar observatories such as Solar orbiter, Aditya, UCoMP, etc.

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