The list below covers modules taught by the School of Mathematics and Statistics to students in other departments, especially Engineering, Computer Science and Physics.

Level 0

Code Title Semester
MAS003 Core Foundation Mathematics Year
MAS004 Further Foundation Mathematics 2

Level 1

Code Title Semester
MAS140 Mathematics (Chemical) Year
MAS151 Civil Engineering Mathematics Year
MAS152 Essential Mathematical Skills and Techniques Year
MAS153 Mathematics (Materials) Year
MAS156 Mathematics (Electrical and Aerospace) Year
MAS161 General Engineering Mathematics Year

Level 2

Code Title Semester
ACS234 Mathematics and Data Modelling Year
ACS234-2 Mathematics and Data Modelling 1
ACS234P Mathematics and Data Modelling 1
AER201 Mathematics for Aerospace Engineers 1
MAS241 Mathematics II (Electrical) 1
MAS248 Mathematics III (Chemical) 1
MAS250 Mathematics II (Materials) 1
MAS252 Further Civil Engineering Mathematics and Computing 1
MAS253 Mathematics for Engineering Modelling 1
MAS254 Computational and Numerical Methods 2
MAS261 Further General Engineering Mathematics Year

Level 3

Code Title Semester
MAS340 Mathematics (Computational Methods) 2
MAS380 Computational Engineering Mathematics 1
MAS381 Mathematics III (Electrical) 1