Dr Jonathan Jordan

Position: Senior lecturer
Home page: http://www.jonathanjordan.staff.shef.ac.uk/
Telephone: (0114) 2223873
Office: I9 Hicks building
Photo of Jonathan Jordan


MAS113 Introduction to Probability and Statistics Information Home page (also MOLE)
MAS367 Linear and Generalised Linear Models Information uses MOLE
MAS371 Applied Probability Information Home page
MAS467 Linear and Generalised Linear Models Information uses MOLE
MAS6003 Linear Modelling Information uses MOLE
MAS6071 Applied Probability Information  


Interests: Probability theory, fractals and random graphs
Research groups: Analysis, Probability
Publications: Preprint page, MathSciNet


Dr Jordan studied Mathematics at the University of Cambridge, obtaining a BA in 1998 and a Certificate of Advanced Study (Part III) in 1999. He started a PhD at Bristol, but transferred to Oxford in 2000, and obtained a DPhil in 2003, shortly after becoming a Lecturer in Sheffield. His research interests are in probability theory, in particular in the study of graphs associated with random fractals.