Dr Paul Mitchener

Position: Lecturer
Home page: http://www.mitchener.staff.shef.ac.uk
Telephone: (0114) 2223858
Office: J20 Hicks building
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Interests: $C^\ast$-categories, Analytic and algebraic $K$-theory, Assembly maps, Coarse Geometry
Research groups: Category Theory, Topology, Analysis
Publications: Preprint page, ArXiv, MathSciNet


MSc in Mathematics (Postgraduate) Admissions Tutor, MSc in Mathematics Course Director

Research interests:

My research spans algebraic topology and functional analysis. I am particularly interested in area where the two fields intersect, such as non-commutative geometry, K-theory, index theory and coarse geometry.

Teaching interests:

Many of my mathematical interests, both in teaching and research, involve analysis, both concrete and abstract. By analysis, I mean the study of convergence and continuity, and areas of mathematics for which these concepts are vital, including calculus, measure theory, complex analysis, the study of metric spaces and functional analysis.

More generally, I like teaching modules and projects where techniques from a number of different parts of mathematics come together and have to be used.