Dr Yi Li

Position: Lecturer
Home page: http://yi-li.staff.shef.ac.uk
Telephone: (0114) 2223882
Office: H14 Hicks building
Photo of Yi Li


MAS3090 Operations Research (NJTech) Information  
MAS322 Operations Research Information uses MOLE
MAS422 Magnetohydrodynamics Information  
MAS423 Advanced Operations Research Information uses MOLE


Interests: Fluid dynamics. Fluid flow optimization. Turbulence. Wind energy
Research group: Fluid Dynamics
Publications: Preprint page

Research interests:

Dr. Yi Li's main research interests are in the field of fluid mechanics, in particular turbulence. Topics include fluid flow optimization, simulation and modelling, and the application of signal processing and database techniques in the study of data-intensive fluid mechanics problems.