Dr Tobias Berger

Position: Senior lecturer
Home page: http://tberger.staff.shef.ac.uk/
Telephone: (0114) 2223791
Office: J9 Hicks building
Photo of Tobias Berger


MAS406 Mathematics and Statistics Project Information  
MAS430 Analytic Number Theory Information  


Interests: Cohomology of arithmetic groups, automorphic forms, Galois representations, Bloch-Kato conjecture
Research group: Number Theory
Publications: ArXiv, MathSciNet


Past grants, as Principal Investigator
Deformations of Saito-Kurokawa type Galois representations
Paramodularity Conjecture Travel Grant
Arithmetic applications of Kudla-Millson theta lifts EPSRC


Assessment administrator, Programme Leader: European Programmes, Tutor for Erasmus Students


I received my Ph.D. at the University of Michigan in 2005, studying under Chris Skinner. After a year at the Max-Planck-Institute in Bonn I spent four years at Queens' College, Cambridge, as a Junior Research Fellow and College Lecturer. I joined the University of Sheffield as a lecturer in autumn 2010.

Research interests:

My research area is algebraic number theory, more precisely the connections between modular forms and Galois representations and applications of this, in particular, to conjectures about special values of $L$-functions. Establishing the precise links between modular forms (or more generally, automorphic representations) and Galois representations is part of the famous programme designed by Langlands that spans number theory, algebraic geometry and representation theory. My particular focus is the study of automorphic forms and Galois representations over imaginary quadratic fields, an interesting case in which previously developed tools from algebraic geometry are not applicable. This case is therefore an important testing ground for finding new techniques that could apply in the general context of the Langlands programme.