Dr Jonathan Potts

Position: Senior lecturer
Home page: http://jonathan-potts.staff.shef.ac.uk
Telephone: (0114) 2223729
Office: G27c Hicks building
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MAS222 Differential Equations Information uses MOLE
MAS223 Statistical Inference and Modelling Information uses MOLE
MAS279 Career Development Skills Information uses MOLE
MAS316 Mathematical modelling of natural systems Information Home page (also MOLE)
MAS414 Mathematical Modelling of Natural Systems Information Home page (also MOLE)


Interests: Mathematical ecology; Animal movement; Spatial population dynamics; Biological invasions
Research group: Mathematical Biology
Publications: Preprint page


Current grants, as Coinvestigator
Dispersal through fitness landscapes in a social bird: from individuals to populations


Careers Officer, Tutor for Men Students

Research interests:

Most of my research uses mathematical tools to shed light on a few fundamental questions in ecology: - Can we construct techniques to help predict the effects of future environmental change on the ability of animal populations to survive? - How can we infer the nature of animal interaction mechanisms, both with each other and their environment, from movement data? - How do complex systems of animal movements and interactions give rise to emergent population-level patterns? See my publications page for more.