Prof Koji Ohkitani

Position: Honorary academic staff member
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Telephone: (0114) 2223861
Office: H7 Hicks building
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MAS241 Mathematics II (Electrical) Information  
MAS411 Topics in Advanced Fluid Mechanics Information Home page
MAS6420 Topics in Advanced Fluid Mechanics Information  


Interests: Computational Fluid Dynamics
Research groups: Fluid Dynamics, Analysis
Publications: ArXiv, MathSciNet


Past grants, as Principal Investigator
Statistics of fluid turbulence and operational calculus
Royal Society Wolfson Research Merit Awards RS
Novel Numberical Approaches to Fundamental Problems of Fluids EPSRC


Research group webmaster: fluid dynamics

Research interests:

Koji Ohkitani is working on vortex dynamics as a basis for turbulence theory. In particular, he is interested in numerical studies on singularity formation in fluid flows and on problems specifically devised to test mathematical issues of the fluid equations. He is also interested in its applications to more practical situations.