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Staff and Postgraduates in the School of Mathematics and Statistics

All offices are in the Hicks building. Phone numbers are internal extensions; add (0114) 22 if dialling from outside the University, or +44 114 22 if dialling from outside the UK. All email addresses are

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Academic staff
Name Office Phone Email VCard  
Dr Istvan Ballai H9 23833 vcard Solar plasma physics, linear and nonlinear waves
Prof Vladimir Bavula J15 23786 vcard Non-commutative ring theory, D-modules, automorphisms
Dr Tobias Berger J9 23791 vcard Cohomology of arithmetic groups, automorphic forms, Galois representations, Bloch-Kato conjecture
Dr Alex Best G27b 23749 vcard Mathematical biology; Evolutionary dynamics; Population dynamics
Prof Paul Blackwell I7 23719 vcard Bayesian statistics; inference for random processes; statistical ecology; environmental and archaeological applications
Prof Tom Bridgeland FRS J18B 23747 vcard Algebraic geometry and mirror symmetry
Dr Andrea Brini J21 vcard
Prof Caitlin Buck I23 23715 vcard Applications of Bayesian statistics to archaeology, palaeo-environmental science and scientific dating methods
Dr Sam Dolan G18 23708 vcard General relativity, black hole physics and gravitational wave astronomy
Prof Neil Dummigan J8 23713 vcard Number theory, arithmetic geometry, automorphic forms
Dr Alexander Fletcher G15 23846 vcard Mathematical biology, morphogenesis, tissue dynamics
Dr Nic Freeman I20 23724 vcard Probability, stochastic processes, random geometry, fractals, population genetics
Dr Timothy Heaton I.22 23830 vcard Non-parametric regression and functional data
Dr Rekha Jain H24 23732 vcard Solar physics, Helioseismology, Astrophysical MHD
Dr Frazer Jarvis J12 23845 vcard Algebraic number theory, Galois representations
Dr Jill Johnson I11 vcard Uncertainty quantification for computer models; Surrogate modelling (emulation); Model-observation comparison (history matching).
Dr Paul Johnson J6b 23775 vcard Algebraic Geometry, Combinatorics
Dr Jonathan Jordan I9 23873 vcard Random graphs; preferential attachment; reinforced processes; fractals
Dr Miguel Juarez I13 23908 vcard Bayesian hierarchical models, panel and longitudinal data, SR imagining, augmented clinical trials
Dr Moty Katzman J16 23710 vcard Commutative algebra
Dr Yi Li H14 23882 vcard Fluid dynamics. Fluid flow optimization. Turbulence. Wind energy
Dr Jayanta Manoharmayum J22 23871 vcard Algebraic number theory, the absolute Galois group of Q
Dr Cristina Manolache J23 vcard
Dr Paul Mitchener J20 23858 vcard $C^\ast$-categories, Analytic and algebraic $K$-theory, Assembly maps, Coarse Geometry
Prof Ieke Moerdijk J13 23843 vcard Algebraic and differential topology, category theory
Dr Nils Mole G28 23772 vcard Turbulent diffusion
Prof Nick Monk F9b 23857 vcard Mathematical biology; regulatory networks; pattern formation.
Prof Jeremy Oakley I16 23853 vcard Bayesian statistics; eliciting probability distributions; health economics; uncertainty quantification for complex computer models
Dr Jonathan Potts G27c 23729 vcard Mathematical ecology; Animal movement; Spatial population dynamics; Biological invasions
Prof Shaun Quegan H27 23778 vcard Earth's carbon balance, ecosystem modelling, forest observations from space
Dr Julia Rees H21 23782 vcard Microfluidics, Microbubble technology, Engineering fluid dynamics, Stratified flows
Prof Michael Ruderman H8 23717 vcard Hydrodynamics and magnetohydrodynamics. Waves and instablities. Applications to solar and space physics.
Dr Haluk Sengun J10 23725 vcard Algebraic number theory, automorphic forms, Galois representations
Dr Evgeny Shinder J24 23753 vcard Algebraic Geometry
Dr Robin Nicholas Stephenson I18 23874 vcard
Dr Eleanor Stillman I17 23811 vcard Application of statistics to geology and materials science
Prof Neil Strickland J26 23852 vcard Algebraic topology, formal group theory
Prof Markus Szymik I14 vcard
Dr Kostas Triantafyllopoulos I10 23741 vcard Bayesian analysis of time series
Prof Carsten van de Bruck G19 23790 vcard Cosmology
Dr Gary Verth H22 23828 vcard Mathematical modelling of plasma processes, e.g., with application to the Sun's atmosphere.
Prof Robert von Fay-Siebenburgen H16 23832 vcard Solar, space and plasma physics, MHD waves, linear and non-linear waves
Dr Kevin Walters I22a 23720 vcard Genetic epidemiology and statistical genetics
Prof Sarah Whitehouse J6c 23870 vcard Algebraic topology
Dr Simon Willerton J19 23823 vcard quantum topology, algebraic topology, category theory, metric spaces
Dr Ashley Willis H12 23746 vcard Fluid dynamics, Magnetohydrodynamics (MHD)
Prof Elizabeth Winstanley G5 23796 vcard Black holes, general relativity, quantum field theory in curved space-time

Teaching fellows
Name Office Phone Email VCard  
Dr James Cranch G39c 23788 vcard Homotopy theory, category theory
Dr Nicole Jarvis K11 23773 vcard Commutative algebra
Wodu Majin G33 vcard
Dr Sam Marsh G9 23792 vcard Algebraic topology, set theory
Dr Sammy Rashid G35 23821 vcard
Dr Fionntan Roukema K09 23872 vcard Low dimensional topology, Dehn surgery, knot theory.
Dr Dimitrios Roxanas H13 23876 vcard Analysis, Inverse Problems, Statistical Signal Estimation
Rosie Shewell Brockway G39f vcard

Professional services staff
Name Office Phone Email VCard  
Ms Anne Booth F10 23841 vcard
Mr Mario Costa G13 23711 vcard
Mr Richard Davis F10 23744 vcard
Mrs Flora Dyson F10 23761 vcard
Dr Peggy Haughton F10a 23539 vcard
Ms Leigh Hewitt F10 vcard
Jenny Hughes   vcard
Ms Lizzie Ibbotson F10 23802 vcard
Miss Danielle Jackson F10c 23801 vcard
Ms Fiona Maisey F10 23789 vcard
Miss Olivia Mason F10 vcard
Miss Ursula McGuone F10 23733 vcard
Ms Sally Merrett F10 23706 vcard
Mrs Julie Milner F10 23514 vcard
Miss Laura Oliver F10 23731 vcard
Miss Rebecca Raynor F10 23520 vcard
Ms Angie Rollinson F10a 24360 vcard
Mr Mike Simms F10 24355 vcard
Mrs Janice Whittaker F10 23902 vcard

Honorary academic staff
Name Office Phone Email VCard  
Prof Vivian Hutson   vcard
Prof Koji Ohkitani H7 23861 vcard Computational Fluid Dynamics
Dr Roger Webster K29 23785 vcard

Emeritus professors
Name Office Phone Email VCard  
Prof David Applebaum I11 23703 vcard Analytic probability; probability and stochastic processes on abstract structures; stochastic analysis
Prof Anthony O'Hagan   vcard Theory and applications of Bayesian statistics
Prof Rodney Sharp   vcard Commutative algebra
Prof Lucy Wyatt H11 23794 vcard HF Radar oceanography, ocean surface waves
Prof Alan Zinober   23888 vcard Nonlinear control, optimisation

Retired staff
Name Office Phone Email VCard  
Dr Mary Hart K12 23787 vcard
Prof David Jordan K29 23774 vcard Non-commutative ring theory and Poisson algebras

Teaching assistants
Name Office Phone Email VCard  
Daniel Graves J25 vcard
Dr Ray McLaughlin   vcard

Research fellows
Name Office Phone Email VCard  
Dr Eleonora Di Valentino G37 vcard Gravitation and Cosmology
Dr Steffen Gielen G17 23818 vcard Quantum gravity and cosmology
Dr Robert Kurinczuk   vcard

Research associates
Name Office Phone Email VCard  
Visakan Balakumar G31 vcard General Relativity, Quantum Field Theory in Curved Spacetime and Black Holes
Dr Joao Carreiras G39e 23704 vcard Remote sensing for mapping and quantifying the status and changes of forests
Ms Natasha Cowley   vcard
Dr Ananyo Dan   vcard
Dr Nadir Fasola K10 vcard
Mr Farshid Fathi G39b vcard
Dr Valeria Giunta   vcard
Ian Groves G39b vcard
Dr Raj Hossein G39d vcard
Mr Jack Jennings G39d vcard
Dr Robert Shaw   vcard
Dr Suzana Silva   vcard
Noemi Zsamberger H19 vcard

Postgraduate students
Name Office Phone Email VCard  
Nesreen Abuoshlleh   vcard
Abdulmajeed Alharbi   vcard
Malak Alotaibi   vcard Algebraic Topology
Hadbaa Alqahtani   vcard
Sarah Alshammari   vcard
Eman Alwani   vcard
Augustin Andre-hoffmann   vcard
Benjamin Andrews   vcard
Bradley Ashley   vcard Algebraic Coarse Geometry, Category Theory
Fisal Ahmed H Asiri   vcard
Jonathan Betts   vcard
Shreeyesh Biswal   vcard
Nathan Blacher   vcard
Slava Bourgeois   vcard
Eloise Bray   vcard
Andrea Calcinari   vcard
Mr David Carey J25 vcard
Simone Chierichini   vcard
Shijun Chu   vcard
Alberto Cobos Rabano   vcard
Mr Jeremy Colman   vcard
Mr Lewis Combes J14a vcard Bianchi modular forms, Galois representations, Selmer groups
Mr Richard Daniel G30 vcard
Mariaveronica De Angelis   vcard
Richard Dudley   vcard
Matthew Ferrier J25 vcard C$^*$-algebras, C$^*$-categories, K-theory
Andrew Fisher   vcard Algebraic topology
Mrs Yeny Franty I6b vcard
Adam Gothorp G36 vcard
Dominic Grainger   vcard Bayesian statistics; Statistical ecology
Ryan Grossman   vcard
Neil Hansford J18a vcard Functional analysis, algebraic topology
Oliver House   vcard
Laminu Idris   vcard
Simon Irons   vcard
Poppy Jeffries H25 vcard Mathematical ecology
Maleeha Khawaja   vcard
Ines Krissaane   vcard Bayesian statistics, Statistical Machine Learning, Deep Learning
Mr Matthew Lennard   vcard
Mr Joseph Martin J14a vcard Equipments
Charlotte Martindale I06a vcard
Max Mcmurdo   vcard
Reinder Meinsma   vcard
Lisa Mickel   vcard
George Montagnon   vcard
Alessandro Monteverdi   vcard
Bryony Moody I06b vcard Bayesian statistics, statistical applications in archaeology
Georgios Moulantzikos J25 vcard
Ronish Mugatwala   vcard
Sivakumar Namasivayam   vcard
Elliot Nash   vcard
Valentine Nlebedim H10a vcard Bayesian Statistics, statistical applications in biology and computational biology
Megan Oliver   vcard
Edward Pearce J14b vcard Algebraic Geometry, Combinatorics
Jake Percival G16 vcard
Gaspard Poulot   vcard
Miss Eve Pound J14a vcard
James Salsbury   vcard Experimental Design, Assurance methods for Clinical Trials, Adaptive Clinical Trials
Mr Joseph Scalisi H23 vcard
Yannik Schuler   vcard
Miss Prerna Singh I6 vcard
Mr Jonathan Sykes   vcard
Miss Elsa Maria Teixeira G30 vcard
Cameron Thomas G39f vcard
Jacob Thompson   vcard
Miss Karoline van Gemst J14b vcard
Vinh Vu H25 vcard Computational Fluid Dynamics, Machine Learning, Turbulence and Fractal geometries.
Leyna Watson May   vcard
Mr Ben Wigley D15, Minalloy House vcard
David Williams   vcard Commutative algebra
Prof Keith Worden   vcard
Mr Yirui Xiong J14a vcard
Yuyang Yuan J25 vcard
Menelaos Zikidis   vcard

Visiting researchers
Name Office Phone Email VCard  
Bernadett Belucz   vcard
Dr Jie Chen H23 vcard
Dr Huda Mohammed   vcard
Dr Andrew Newton G39c 23874 vcard

Applied Probability Trust
Name Office Phone Email VCard  
Dr Mark Yarrow K27 23924 vcard Preferential attachment networks, random graphs, algebraic graph theory

Statistical Services Unit
Name Office Phone Email VCard  
Mrs Kathleen Baster K06 23903 vcard
Dr Lucy Gelder K06 23911 vcard
Ms Sara Hilditch K06 23905 vcard
Mr Peter Laud K06 23907 vcard
Dr Amy Spencer K06 23913 vcard Biomedical Science
Miss Rosie Taylor K06 23910 vcard